Why Are We Arresting So Many Children?

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We really appreciated this article in VICE by Harry Cheadle that asks why we arrest so many children.

From the article:

Kids are dumb. We know this both from research that shows teenagers’ brains are suggestion-prone and vulnerable and from just watching how they act every day. “I’m going to eat a bunch of cinnamon because YouTube told me to, oh no, now I require medical attention because I’m an idiot!” is something teens say all the time. Do you remember what you did when you were a teen? The embarrassingly earnest manifestos you wrote on the bus? The furtive masturbations? The unchecked emotional swings? That night you were too high to drive home and called your mom and then forgot your overelaborate excuse so you just went, “Uhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm”?

Most ex-teens look back on that phase happy to have avoided receiving emotional or physical scars—or dealing with those scars however they can: through therapy, letting time and distance do their work, or wearing long-sleeved shirts pretty much all the time. But we should also be glad that we never got ground down by the gears of the legal system—the cops can be one of the most destructive forces in the lives of young people, coming down on mostly innocent kids just because they made a mistake, or sometimes for no reason at all.

Read the rest.

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