Action Alert: Call Your Senators To Say No Funding For More Cops in Schools…

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The Senate is set to begin considering gun violence legislation. The package of bills the Senate plans to debate does not include funding for more school resource officers. We want to keep it that way, but we fully expect the introduction and support of amendments that call for more SROs. You can take action today and call your Senators to urge them not to support any amendment that would provide more funding for SROs.

– You can find your Senator’s phone number here and call using the script posted below.

Call-in Script: Tell Your Senator to Keep SROs out of the Gun Violence Package:

Hello, my name is _________________ from [your home city and state]. I am calling to urge the Senator not to support any amendments to the gun violence package that would fund more school resource officers (SROs). SROs have not made schools safer in my community. Instead of funding more SROs, I believe that funding should be invested in things that are proven to make schools safer, like mental health providers, community intervention workers, counselors, restorative justice, and positive behavior support.

Other things you can say:

  • Provide examples from your community on why more police in schools doesn’t make schools safer
  • The Secret Service and US Department of Education have warned us that the best way to prevent school violence is to improve trust and communication between students and educators.
  • Our national response to tragic shootings like Sandy Hook has been to place more police in schools, especially in communities of color.
  • As a result, school arrest rates have soared – especially for misdemeanor violations of rules like “disrupting public school.”
  • When students are arrested for behavior that should be handled by the principal, research shows that it damages the trust that schools and students need to be safe and successful.
  • We are truly harming our students’ futures: a first arrest doubles the odds a student will drop out of school.
  • Columbine High School responded to its tragedy by counseling students, our response to Sandy Hook can’t be to make schools feel like prisons.
  • As the “Amber Alert” has honored Amber Hagerman, a victim of fatal child abduction, we must honor the children of Sandy Hook Elementary with responses that promote trust and are proven to improve school safety.

To learn more, read The Sentencing Project’s factsheet, The Facts About Dangers of Added Police in Schools.


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